Are your clubs…yours?

Johnny Belskis, Assistant General Manager

Something that flies under the radar is the importance of a proper club
fitting. At retail stores, the “stock” clubs that you see on the rack are only going to
fit a small percentage of consumers, if they are lucky. That means that you could
drive to a golf shop right now, spend $600 on a brand new driver, and see
absolutely no improvement to your game. With club prices rising, Id like to help
everyone know what to look for before opening your wallet.

With putters, there are 4 main components for a good fit. Length, loft, lie,
and weight. Starting with length, it is critical that you find the proper length on
your putter. If its not correct, your arms will not be able to “hang” and you may
find yourself bent over or with too much bend in your elbows to account for in
improper putter length. The putter should fit you, not the other way around.
Another important factor is lie angle. On putters especially, it can have a big
impact on direction. If the toe of your club is up, the ball will want to hook. If the
heel of your club is up, the ball will want to cut (move away from you).

Another thing to be aware of is adjusting the length of your clubs. When
adding or subtracting length to your club, you need to also adjust the swing
weight (balance point). If you want to give your old driver to your wife and decide
to cut 2 inches off, the swing weight will change drastically and unless it is
adjusted, the club will perform poorly. Getting a clubs length adjusted to the
player is important, but make sure it is done professionally.

Wedges is another area that is often overlooked. The grinds are bounces
are made for very specific circumstances nowadays. There are wedges made for
different swing types, playing conditions, and playability. Having a wedge meant
for soft conditions will be extremely hard to use here in NC where we often play
on firmer surfaces.

All of this is truly just the tip of the ice burg. Clubs are an investment, and I
highly recommend getting clubs meant for your specific game in order to get a full
return on your investment. A lot of times this will cost a little bit extra, but you
will have an added level of confidence knowing that you have the right club in
your hand. Play Well!