Rules of Golf Quiz #12

July 18, 2024

Answer to Rules Quiz #11 As you remember, Miguel hit his approach shot which landed on the fringe of the green.Miguel wanted to putt on his next stroke but the pitch mark his ball made when it hit theground was directly between his ball and the hole. Miguel wants to repair his pitch markbefore he…

The Importance of Watering Bent Grass Greens in the Summertime

July 8, 2024

As we endure the hot summer months, it is crucial to pay extra attention to the health of our bent grass greens. Bent grass is a delicate turf that requires specific care to thrive, especially during high humidity periods. Proper watering is essential to ensure the greens remain healthy and playable throughout the season. Bent…


June 25, 2024

TERRI’S TIPS DOGS DAYS OF SUMMER  Wow, so seems like everyone is getting crazy yardage on their drives!  Have they been hitting the gym and taking pointers from Bryson?   Maybe / maybe not . Or just maybe it’s the lack of rain and the ball rolling forever?  Whatever the reason, now you are faced with…

Rules of Golf Quiz #11

June 11, 2024

Answer to Rules Quiz #10 Before hitting his shot William pulled up an out of bound stake that interfered with his intendedswing, but his partner informed him that was not permitted under the rules and was subject tothe general penalty (2 strokes). Since William replaced the OB stake before making his nextstroke, he was able…

Rules of Golf Quiz #10

May 15, 2024

Answer to Rules Quiz #9 William wants to pull up an out of bound stake that interferes with his swing and put it back after he hits.  Common sense tells you the stake is a man-made object that can easily be pulled up and replaced and it wouldn’t be a stretch to consider the stake…

Small Pitch Shot = Small Setup

May 13, 2024

SMALL PITCH SHOT = SMALL SET UP Recently I gave a few short game clinics where we focused mainly on chipping and pitching .  Some of the basic fundamentals for this shot will yield you some of the best results you have ever seen in your short shot.  Just like the grip is important, so…

Tournament Season is in Full Swing

May 8, 2024

As we are rapidly approaching summer, in this blog I would like to preview a few member tournaments to come in the following months. Another Notable Dates: We have been thrilled with the turnouts to member tournaments so far this year. I hope to see you all here for the coming events!

Terri’s Tips

April 25, 2024

MAY FLOWER’S MAY BRING GOLF POWER’S! Is there anyone out there who would like to hit the golf ball longer?!   This is probably one of the most frequent questions I get asked, how can I hit the golf ball longer?  Why am I losing distance?  Why is it that all my irons seem to go…

Rules of Golf Quiz #9

April 14, 2024

Answer to Rules Quiz #8 Arnold’s last shot went into a penalty area and before he dropped to put his ball back in play hewants to clear out some pine straw and pinecones laying in the drop area before he drops. Rule8 “Course Played as It Is Found” specifically covers this situation. The overall guiding…

2024 Masters

April 9, 2024

Spring is finally here… It’s Masters week! If you don’t plan to dropeverything you’re doing this weekend to tune in, you probably can’t callyourself a golf fan. Augusta National will be hosting the 88th MastersTournament where the best players in the world will compete for a chanceto put on the famous green jacket. One notable…