Fair Weather Golf

Johnny Belskis, Assistant General Manager

Hopefully this topic is a mood point soon as we get closer to warm weather, but in this
blog I am going to cover golfing through all 4 seasons in North Carolina. Some are braver than
others, but we can all agree that playing in chilly temperatures is less than ideal. The ball doesn’t
go as far, your body doesn’t move quite as well, and we all know what it feels like to hit one
“thin” in the winter (I’ve only heard about it).

I recently calculated our percentages of rounds by month last year, and I was a little
surprised with the results. Obviously, our rounds in the summer months were higher than in the
winter months, but they were far closer than I expected. I will put those below.

Month % of yearly rounds
January 5.6%
February 6.0%
March 7.88%
April 8.56%
May 9.72%
June 9.75%
July 11.19%
August 9.49%
September 8.99%
October 10.20%
November 6.97%
December 5.65%

I have an idea to get our winter rounds to equal our summer rounds…close for half of the
summer! Just kidding, I think I would find myself looking for a job….