Rules of Golf Quiz #5

Jim Ferree, PGA, Head Golf Professional

Answer to Rules Quiz #4

In the singles match between Sam and Bill Sam concedes a short putt of Bill’s to concede the hole but
Bill tells Sam “That’s ok, I’ll putt it”. When Bill’s putt misses, Sam claims to have won the hole.
Under the Rule of Golf, (under the Math-Play format) a player can concede an opponent’s next
stroke, a hole being played, or even the match. Conceding a stroke should be made clearly and
before a stroke is made, which Sam did. The fact that Bill went ahead and putted his short par
putt and missed is irrelevant. When Sam conceded Bill’s par putt the hole was over with a concession.
Rule 3.2b clearly states “A concession is final and cannot be declined or withdrawn” so both
players scored a par, and the hole was halved.

Rules Quiz #5

Here’s another match-play situation. In the same singles match between Sam and Bill,
Bill is 2 up when they get to the 11th tee. Bill has the honor and mistakenly tees off from the
white tees instead of the yellow tees that the Tournament is being played from. Because the
yellow tees are just 5 yards closer and Bill’s tee shot went dead right into the woods, Sam did
not required Bill to replay from the correct tees. When they arrived at their drives they found
Bill’s ball must have hit a tree and came back out into the fairway. Upon seeing this, Sam
claimed that Bill should get a 2-stroke penalty and go back to play from the correct yellow tees.
Bill tells Sam that the 2-stroke penalty for teeing off outside the proper teeing ground only
applies to stroke-play and that all he has to do is go back and hit from the yellow tees without
penalty. Who is correct?