Rules of Golf Quiz #4

Jim Ferree, PGA, Head Golf Professional

Answer to Rules Quiz #3

As you recall, Curly surveyed the area where his original ball went into and wanted to abandon
the search for it and play his provisional ball which was out in the fairway where he would be
laying 3 hitting 4. Contrary to his wishes, his playing partners Moe and Larry, found his ball in
the bush within the three-minute search time. Under the rules of golf Curly is not allowed to
declare his original ball lost and play his original ball. Furthermore, under rule 18 3c (3), even if
Curly announces to his playing partners that he doesn’t want them to search for his ball, Moe
and Larry are not obligated to cease their search and if they find a ball that might be Curly’s
within the three minutes Curly is obligated to identify whether or not the ball is his. If Curly
refuses to determine if the found ball is his original ball, he may be disqualified by the
tournament committee if it decides Curly’s refusal to identify the ball was “a serious
misconduct contrary to the spirit of the game”.

Rules Quiz #4:

Sam and Bill are playing a singles match and on the very first hole Sam concedes a two-
foot putt to Bill for a par which would halve the hole. Bill mumbled “That’s ok, I’ll putt it” and
proceeded to tap his ball in, but the ball lipped out. Sam tells Bill “That’s a bad break” and
claims to have won the hole. Is Sam correct?