Rules of Golf Quiz #6

Jim Ferree, PGA, Head Golf Professional

Answer to Rules Quiz #5

During Sam and Bill’s Match, Bill teed off from the wrong set of tees and hit his ball into the
trees. Because Sam thought Bill was in trouble, he didn’t say anything until they got to their tee
shots and discovered Bill’s ball had bounced back out into play. Sam claimed that Bill should
get a 2-stroke penalty for teeing outside the teeing ground and go back to the tee. Bill thought
all he had to do was go back to the tee without penalty.

Bill was closer to being correct but not entirely. Bill was right that the 2-stroke penalty only
applies to stroke-play competitions. In Match-Play Sam had the option to cancel Bill’s shot and
require him to replay from the designated teeing ground, but Rule 6.1b states “This must be
done promptly before either player makes another stroke. Bill had the honor and since Sam
teed off after Bill had hit, Sam lost his option to cancel Bill’s tee shot. By the rules, Bill does not
have to go back and re-tee and should continue play with his original ball.

Rules Quiz #6

Burt is hitting out of a deep greenside bunker when he skulls his ball which bounces off
the bank in front of him and hits him in his knee. Does Burt get a penalty and if so, what is it?
(Burt is playing stroke-play format)