Rules of Golf Quiz #8

Jim Ferree, PGA, Head Golf Professional

Answer to Rules Quiz #7

The Rules of Golf treat being hit by a moving ball and deliberately deflecting a ball in motion
differently. Being hit by your ball in motion incurs no penalty, but intentionally influencing a
moving ball is a different story. Rule 11.2b states “A player gets the general penalty (2-strokes)
if they deliberately deflect or stop any ball in motion”. Burt incurred a 2-stroke penalty for
hitting his ball with his hand when it bounced back toward him. The next question is where
does Burt play his next shot from? Rule 11.2C covers where he plays his next shot from. It
must be estimated where the ball would have ended up if no interference was made. Once the
spot is determined the player must drop within one club length and remain in the same area of
the course no nearer the whole. If the estimated spot is in a penalty area, the player will drop
based on the estimated point the ball would have last crossed the edge of the penalty area. If
the estimated spot is on the green, the player must place the ball.

Rules Quiz #8

Arnold is about to drop his ball after hitting in a penalty area. Before he drops, he
wants to clear out some pine straw and pine cones in the drop area. Do the Rules of Golf allow
Arnold to do that?