Rules of Golf Quiz #10

Jim Ferree, PGA, Head Golf Professional

Answer to Rules Quiz #9

William wants to pull up an out of bound stake that interferes with his swing and put it back after he hits.  Common sense tells you the stake is a man-made object that can easily be pulled up and replaced and it wouldn’t be a stretch to consider the stake a movable obstruction.  Unfortunately for William, Rule 2.3 states, “… there is no relief from boundary objects or integral objects that interfere with play.”  If William removed the OB stake before he hit his shot he would be in violation of Rule 8.1a and would incur a 2-stroke penalty.

Rules Quiz #10

Let’s say William moved the OB stake and, before he hit his shot, a playing partner informed him he was not allowed to move the OB stake, so he proceeded to replace the stake before he hit? Would William avoid getting the 2-stroke penalty by doing so?