Terri’s Tips!

Go Low in 2023 – Easy Way to Lower Scores



You may be asking – what another article about putting – Yes.  Putting is by far the easiest and best way to lower your golf score, and maybe to enjoy this game more!

First to MAKE more putts you need to understand and visualize which direction your putt will start and which direction it will take once it starts rolling. Nothing goes straight in golf!  This is called ‘reading the greens.’   A good visualization is seeing yourself driving your car and coming into a curve.  The posted speed limit is 25 mph, but you have the petal to the metal and are going 100 mph., what do you think will happen?  Do you think you will take the curve safely, or crash?  You will be going so fast that you won’t be able to take the curve.  So, think about making a putting stroke, if the ball is rolling too fast to take the ‘curve’ or what we call the Apex it will speed right through the break.  So, making more putts is a combination of starting the ball on the proper line at the proper speed.  Simple!

 Look at the picture below.  You will see the starting point of the putt is well left of the actual hole, it is marked where the ball will come out of the curve, or the ‘Apex’.   Once the ball starts to slow down it will take the curve, or again the Apex and then start rolling towards, and at the proper speed, into the hole!

This should help you make more putts, work on reading the greens, your speed/tempo when putting! To book a lesson click here  https://calendly.com/golfschool/60minprivatelesson