The Importance of Watering Bent Grass Greens in the Summertime

Johnny Belskis, Assistant General Manager

As we endure the hot summer months, it is crucial to pay extra attention to the health of our bent grass greens. Bent grass is a delicate turf that requires specific care to thrive, especially during high humidity periods. Proper watering is essential to ensure the greens remain healthy and playable throughout the season. Bent grass greens are known for their fine texture and ability to provide a smooth putting surface. However, they are also more susceptible to stress from heat and lack of water. While there are types of turf grass such as Bermuda grass that are able to withstand higher temperatures, the playability is not as pure at times due to the strong growth direction of the grain.

It is also important to have patience when the grounds crew is watering the greens. While it may be tempting to rush through the process, allowing the crew to water the greens thoroughly is vital in ensuring the turf receives the necessary moisture to thrive. Overly dry or stressed greens can lead to problems such as disease outbreaks and decreased playability. Unfortunately, there have been instances this summer where players have hit balls into the green while our staff is working. This is not only putting their safety in jeopardy but also a display of a lack of appreciation for their efforts.

In conclusion, proper watering is crucial for the health and longevity of bent grass greens, especially during the summer months. By taking the time to water the greens effectively and allowing the grounds crew to do their job, we can ensure that our course remains in top condition for all members to enjoy. Thank you for your attention to this important matter, and let’s work together to keep our bent grass greens in pristine condition throughout the season. As always, play well and enjoy yourselves!