Frequently Asked Questions

To provide our members and guests with additional features that display the many wonderful aspects of Carolina Colours Golf Club.

Currently, you call or visit the pro shop.

You may call the pro shop or click on the link “Make a Tee Time” which will take you to the Golf Now site to schedule your round.

In the upper right-hand corner of any page, you can click on the link “Member Login”. This link will take you to the login page from the prior website and you sign in there with the same username and password. You can call the Pro Shop if you need help with the username and password.

In phase 2 of the website development, this Member’s Only section will be expanded and will include sign-ups, event information and results.

After logging into the Member Login, you can sign-up the same way as you normally do.

In the upper right-hand corner of any page is a link “Today’s Latest” Click there and a pop-up window will give the course conditions and the cart rules for the day.

Please call or email our General Manager, Ken Gerhardt. 252-772-7022, ext. 3 or

Click on the link under Golf for the School of Golf and you will see a link to their website and the email address.

Click on the Dining link for “Sports Bar & Café” and scroll down the page and the current menu will be at the bottom.

Click on the Golf link for “The Course”. Scroll down to the middle of the page and click on the video window. This can be expanded to full screen. Each hole description has a video.  

At the bottom of each page is a window to enter you email and then click on “Subscribe Now”.

Clink on the link for “News” and then click “Latest News”. You will see a link for “Read the Newsletter”.