Terri Migliaccio, PGA Professional Director of Player Development


Wow, so seems like everyone is getting crazy yardage on their drives!  Have they been hitting the gym and taking pointers from Bryson?  

Maybe / maybe not . Or just maybe it’s the lack of rain and the ball rolling forever?  Whatever the reason, now you are faced with a different golf course, maybe in an area of the fairway that you are unfamiliar with, closer to the green??? 

When the course is hard and dry it may lend to different shots you need to hit.  The ball won’t hold the green as well, it may roll off the back of the green.  Even a miss hit will roll farther and not what you are used to .  

When the course is like this you need to change your game plan just a bit .  Remember the front of the green will be firm.  Take one less club than you normally would hit into the green.  If you have a 7 iron yardage, go down to your 8 iron.  

Also for half shots into the green, your higher percentage shot would be to keep it low and roll it back to the pin.  Do not hit a full sand wedge or pitching wedge.  What will happen is that the ball will land on the green and most likely roll off the back.  Instead choke down on a 9 or 8 iron and hit a long chip shot, let it roll back to the pin.  

Remember to play the course conditions at hand.. Great players know this and play with what they are facing.  Touring pros play a course over in Scotland different from a course in the Northeast – here in the states.  You need to do this as well, learn the shots that need to be hit, have them ready to play when conditions warrant. 

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