Terri Migliaccio, PGA Professional Director of Player Development

Have you set your Golf Goals for 2024? What would you like to improve? Would you like to hit your drive longer? Would you like to improve the consistency of your ball striking? Would you like to hit more greens in regulation? Would you like to improve your bunker skills? Or would you like to lower your scores? I think I would like to lower my scores .. and how would you go about doing this?

Sure it’s great to pound your drive down the middle, outdriving all your playing partners. Or to hit that perfect five iron right to the center of the green. But how are you truly going to lower your scores?

You will lower your scores by getting your chip and pitch shots closer to the hole. You will lower your scores by taking fewer putts on the putting green. IF you truly want to lower your scores and your handicap learn how to practice your putting/chipping and pitching. Learn how to put yourself under some type of pressure while practicing. Learn how to get the ball ‘up and down’, which means one chip or pitch onto the green and one putt into the hole.

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