Terri Migliaccio, PGA

Director of Player Development

For all the golfer’s who have been playing for a while and have experience on the golf
course, let’s lower the scores!
I stress often how important the short game is. Most of my students are not comfortable
hitting a shot that doesn’t require a full swing.
It’s because they are not aware of how to make this happen.
I have a shot I teach to my students – it’s call the L to L shot.
All this requires is an awareness of how your hands and wrist are moving on a ‘half swing
going back’ and a ‘half swing going forward.’
Set up with a pitching wedge, or sand wedge, as you normally do. On the take away, you
will hinge your wrist up right away, trying to keep your left arm as straight as possible.
This will form a letter ‘L.’ Once that is formed, you stop. On the way down as you go into
your follow through you will do the same. Once you are forming the ‘L’ you will stop. This
shot should go anywhere from 30 to 70 yards with your sand wedge and your pitching

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