Small Pitch Shot = Small Setup

Terri Migliaccio, PGA Professional Director of Player Development


Recently I gave a few short game clinics where we focused mainly on chipping and pitching .  Some of the basic fundamentals for this shot will yield you some of the best results you have ever seen in your short shot.  Just like the grip is important, so is set up / ball position, etc with this much needed golf shot.

* First, your feet should be set apart the width of your pitch wedge club head.  Remember small shot = small stance. 

*Knees are slightly flexed , not too much bend.

*Ball position is in the middle of your stance. 

*You may lean a little to your left side , or target side, in your setup.  

*Grip your club towards the end of the grip.  This will shorten your arm movement or your lever for this shot.  Which is what we want.  Make sure you move in closer to the ball, similar to your putting distance from the ball. 

*As far as the execution, start with your pitching wedge.  Create an even tempo back and through.  As you are making the move you want to make sure your club brushes the grass.  If this happens the ball will softly come off the face, land on the green and roll out just a bit.  

The photos below should give you a clear visual of the set up for this shot.  Hope this helps you enjoy the game a bit more and possibly come in with lower golf scores. 

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