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Golf can be a tough game to play, if you are thinking about your swing while on the golf course, or “HOW” to hit a golf shot, or ‘TRYING’ too hard.

What other sport do you have time to think about the move before it happens? Not many. As with most other sports you are reacting to something coming towards you.  Baseball, tennis, pickleball.  Even driving your car.  Do you think about what you must do as you approach the stop sign?  I doubt it, you just react. 

React is a good way to play golf.  React to what is in front of you, on the golf course.  Thinking and trying with your golf swing is left on the practice range.  Golf is also the only sport I know that is not taught on the playing field.  The golf swing is not the golf game, yes, it is a huge piece of it, but it’s not the game.

If you need to hit a high soft shot, you visualize, you feel and you just do. If you are thinking about your hands, your wrist, “how” to hit the shot, you are not reacting – you are internalizing it!   The more shots you know how to execute the better player you will become. 

GET OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD & WAY.  Get into the golf course and execute the shot that it is telling you to hit!  The mental part of the game is, at times, the most difficult part of ‘playing the game’. 

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