Terri’s Tips

Terri Migliaccio, PGA Professional Director of Player Development

Want to Lower Your Scores—Know What Shot to Play!
Like I mentioned numerous times before, if you want to lower your scores you NEED to
improve on your short game. You may hit your driver 14 times per round, but what are
you doing with the other 76 shots???
To know what shot to play, you will have to start using your visual skills more. From 40
yards in . . . I will give you a few scenarios you may encounter.
You have a shot over the bunker, onto the green, once on the green you do not have
much green between you and the hole. What club would you choose to hit this shot?
Club selection is everything . . . Your answer should be the Sand Wedge. This shot is
calling for you to hit a high, short, and soft shot. Once it lands on the green, it will have
little roll on the ball. Do you know how to execute this shot?

Another shot you will encounter . . . You are in front of the green, nothing to go over.
Between you and the flag there is a lot of green to work with. The flag is located on the
back of the green.
For this shot, you will want to visualize a lower shot—one that does not need much
airtime, one that when it hits the green, preferably on the front of the green, will roll back
to the hole. You need to choose a club that does not have a lot of lift in the face. What
club would you choose?
I would choose a 7 iron. Start with this club if you encounter a shot such as this. If it’s too
much roll for you, back down to an 8 iron. Any questions, feel free to email me at, carolinaschoolofgolf@gmail.com

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