Terri’s Tips

Terri Migliaccio, PGA Professional Director of Player Development


We all struggle with this game of golf. Some maybe getting a little older and not hitting it as far as they used to. Some may have a hard time hitting the longer irons or that dreaded 3 wood off the fairway. Although what I find with most of my students is they are a little bit stubborn and don’t want to change. No matter if they are not as strong as they used to be they are still trying to hit that 7 iron 150 yards , ( sorry not going to happen!), or they won’t give up on that 5 iron off the fairway, or trying to hit that 3 wood on the long par 5’s .. Most of these swings lead to having to pull another ball out of your bag!

We can all make is so much easier on ourselves. A few suggestions below that we can all use.

I recently read an article by Berhard Langer. Most of you know who he is use. Played on the PGA and European tour for years, was a great player. He is still a great player, and winning a lot of tournaments, but now on the Senior PGA tour. He attributes his wins to the improvement of his putting and chipping. He said he can’t spend hours on the range anymore, trying to get faster and stronger. He has added hybrids to his bag for those mid to long iron shots as well. He also said golf is a game you can still improve at any age. You don’t need speed and agility to be a good golfer.

What you can do to make it easier for you:

Spend more time on the putting green. Get really good at those 3 to 6 foot putts. Making more than you miss. Get better at reading the greens. This takes no energy at all. Start looking at the green differently. Make sure you look at the terrain from left to right and also from top to bottom.. I like to say East to West and North to South. I feel you will get more information looking at it East to West and West to East. You will see which part of the green is higher or lower, which will give you an idea of how the putt is going to break.

Please replace those 5 and 4 irons with Hybrids! They were made to hit the ball so much easier than the longer irons. In my bag I have a 6 iron to a PW .. I carry two hybrids, that take the place of a 5 and 4 irons. I am hitting more greens because of this .

Please TAKE OUT that 3 wood! Most of the time you will not get on a par 5 in two shots. Your longest fairway wood should be a 5 wood. So much easier to hit off the fairway. My longest fairway wood is my 5 wood. I also have a splendid little 7 wood in the bag as well.

I hope this helps, even just a few strokes off your game will make it more enjoyable!

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