Terri’s Tips !

It’s Easy To Get Started With Golf!!

Do you find yourself wanting to take up the game of golf but don’t know how to go
about it? Are you talking with some of your friends in or outside of our community who
also want to play golf? Maybe your husband or your wife plays golf and they want you
to get started as well? You may want to take it up for fun or to play with friends who
are also starting.

We can help you with all the above here at Carolina Colours School of Golf. What do
you need to get started? Pretty much all you need is yourself. Here at Carolina Colours
School of Golf we have the equipment for you. All you need to do is show up and take
the plunge.

People ask all the time what to wear. Anything but jeans and t-shirts. Sneakers are fine
to get started. We have demo clubs to get you started as well.
The golf course itself can be intimidating. But did you know our golf course is set up for
beginners as well! We have a set of tee markers that are located closer to the green.
This shorter course is set especially for beginners and for those golfers who enjoy
getting out for the fun but really don’t want to play holes that are set up too long. This
also allows you to finish your game of golf within 2 hours!
Please email me at the link below if you’d like to get started. Many students get started
with two or three friends and take group lessons together. This is a wonderful way to
spend time with your friends, learn a new activity, get a little exercise, and spend time
outside. Learning golf is easier than you think—just let us show you! You will be out on
the golf course sooner than you think!
Please email me at: carolinaschoolofgolf@gmail.com

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