Terri’s Tips – Getting out of Rough Situations

Terri Migliaccio, PGA Professional Director of Player Development

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about how long the rough is these past few days! Grass
grows fast in these parts! Even our front lawn!!
If you find yourself in the rough, the deep rough where the grass is over the top of the
ball, you can escape! And on the first try:
 Don’t try to be a hero, which means at times you must take your medicine. If you
know you can’t reach the green, and even a slight chance you can, take a step
back and follow the advice below.
 Choose a club that has a lot of loft in the face. Any club from the 7 iron through
SW. Why you may ask—it’s easier for the club face to get to the ball with a more
descending / direct blow. The long grass will grab the club fast, twisting it. If you
choose a long club, chances are the club face will turn from the grass grabbing it.
It will take whatever loft you have off, resulting in the ball staying in the rough.
 *Make sure you play the ball right of center in your stance, closer to your right
foot for right hand players, closer to your left foot for lefties. This will ensure a
more direct strike and the face of the club getting closer to the ball before the
grass has a chance to twist and turn it.
 *Choose your shortest exit to the fairway. Don’t try to carry a bunker or carry
more rough, chances are you won’t and you’ll end up staying in the rough or
ending up in a fairway bunker. And that’s another article for another time—
fairway bunker shots!

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